The Role of Robotics is to Improve Customer Service and Driving Business Growth

Drive Business Growth through the use of robotics to experience high ROI and improved operations efficiency.

Let robotics provide a safe & innovative experience to your guest experiences and in return experience high ROI, money save, cost reduction, reduce labor cost and more loyal patrons, guest and staff management.

Experience high ROI while your business continues to innovate with modern technology.  Drive Business Growth using Automated Process in Robots

Afunture Robotics is Helping Drive Business Growth through Service Robots

As all industries continue to evolve, technology is becoming an increasingly vital tool for businesses to streamline operations, cut costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Robotics and AI are at the forefront of this trend, providing innovative solutions to age-old industry challenges.
Robotics is a new wave of equipment designed specifically to fill in gaps associated with traditional labor, allowing businesses to be more flexible between it's day-to-day planning.

  • Combat Labor Shortage & High Turnover Rates
  • Reduce Expenditures in HR, Operations, Service
  • Increase Speed & Workflow Measures
  • Dependable Repeatable Nature
  • Increase Marketing Exposure
  • Wow Your Customers
  • Regain Productivity & Increase KPI
  • Retain Margins & Contain Inflated Cost
  • Innovate & Recreate an Unique Culture

The Benefits of Robotics for the Business Management Team

Drive Business Growth Robotics for the Business Management Team


Innovate with the ability to automate tasks, adapt to changing environments, and collaborate seamlessly with humans is poised to revolutionize industries and improve our everyday lives

Improve Customer KPI

Significantly boost key performance indicators (KPIs)
by enhancing efficiency and productivity.
By automating repetitive tasks and reducing errors,
robots can streamline processes, lower operational costs,
and ultimately improve profitability

Reduce Labor Overhead

Achieve a balanced equilibrium on payroll expenses and reduce overhead costs by automating tasks that were once labor-intensive

High Return On Investment (ROI)

Enhance efficiency as offer long-term cost savings,
robotics are valuable assets that continue to deliver
benefits well into the future

The Benefits of Robotics for the Service & Operations

Drive Business Growth of Robotics for the Service & Operations

Faster Turnaround

Twice the speed with Half the workload

Improve Customer Experience

Improve human interaction allowing manpower to focus on guest experience

Reduce Workload

Reduce Fatigue and repetition on task that takes away from joy of working.

Better Tips

Faster speed and more interaction often results in an overall increase in guest satisfaction.

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Value-Driven Results & Multipurpose Robot, Wherever You Business Need Help Most

Value-Driven Results & Multipurpose Service Robot, Wherever You Business Need Help Most to drive business growth

Robot as a Delivery Service

Robots work alongside staff & crew members to perform delivery duties to tableside. This allows your staff more time to attend to more tedious task such as taking reservations and orders without missing a beat while also saving time and effort to constantly carry out meals from kitchen to dining hall. A co-operation environment where servers get to spend more time building value and revenue for the business without being too exhausted while allowing management to effectively scale up their business without the hurdle of overstaffing to accomplish their goals. 

robotic innovation to help deliver plates while there is an operations gap

Robot as a Busser Assistant

Vice versa, some restaurants and service locations prefers our robots to perform bussing activities to alleviate stress and constraints need to effectively clear table for their next awaiting guests. By deploying our robots as a busser, the service team reduces multiple trips needed to clear off tables by summoning robot to the tableside, reducing their efforts by 50% so they can serve faster.

Robot as an Advertiser

Robots are deployed all over the hospitality industry. Robots can be programmed to cover large areas while helping brands promote their products to consumers. Afunture Solutions help marketers create brand awareness and promotional campaigns truly unique to set your products/service apart from the competition. 

The limitation doesn't end there, there are much more we can do for you.
Partner with us and champion a winning formula unique to your business.

Where there is a will to change, there is a Automated solution that awaits...

Process Overview

Process Overview in drive business growth initiatives
Segway Ninebot Robotics, Cenobot Robotics, and Pudu Robotics, Kennon Robotics, AvidBot robots, Tenant Robotics. Dealer for Vancouver, Western Canada, Canada, And US market in Washington State. We take pride in serving all walks of the hospitality industry including restaurants, retail trades, hotel & accomodations, senior care housing facilities, clinics and hospitals, stadiums, and arenas, and much more.

automation operation

Use Case Consultation

At Afunture Solutions, we listen & care about our customers. We perform in-depth analysis about your business' daily operations and work with you to determine where and how robotics and automation should work. Our comprehensive proposal along with our customized use-cases allows business to fully utilize the benefits of our programmed equipment to start their journey.

customer loyalty starts with proper training with staff CDAP

Deployment & Training

As a service oriented provider, Afunture Solutions performs comprehensive deployment & training to their business partners to allow for maximum effectiveness and usage of robotic equipment. With the determined best-practice, we train staff, management, and operators together to drive your change initiative more successfully.
Afunture Solutions offer demo, trial, and pilot programs and welcomes businesses from all walks of industries!.

After Sales Support & Continuous Improvements

Much forgotten aspect of a great business partner is our dedication to your continuous journey to operate successfully. Our after-sales support team ensures your automation equipment runs as smoothly as possible, providing maintenance and support proactively with scheduled visit-ins and/or cloud support on your hardware and software challenges.