Facilities Commercial Cleaning Robotics- Cenobot SP50 Vacuumer

Commercial Cleaning robotics. The safest cleaning robot with a unique 32-beam 3D Lidar
The SP50 stands out for its unmatched safety capabilities due to its cutting-edge 3D lidar technology and state-of-the-art “big model” and transformer neural networks, similar to those used in ChatGPT.
The smartest cleaning robot with Nvidia’s advanced Xavier AI chip
NVIDIA Xavier is the world’s most powerful SoC, based on a 12nm artisanal manufacturing process with 9 billion transistors.
It features a GPU with 512 CUDA Volta and 32TOPS.
Fast deployment with a user-friendly UI, saving time by at least 50%
automatic map updating in dynamic environments
modularized hardware design for fast and easy replacement of parts.

Key Features:

  • Consistent, high-quality cleaning performance
  • Reduced recruitment, training, and management expenses
  • Minimized employee injuries and absenteeism
  • Streamlined custodial inspections through digital reporting