Robot-Autonomous Delivery Robot KettyBot for Restaurant & Merchandise Advertising

The KettyBot is an autonomous service robot designed with retail, restaurant, and advertisement in mind.

The main feature of its design is without a doubt the 18.5 LCD screen used as merchandise and brand promotions. Used mostly in retail and restaurants, the KettyBot is a versatile, nimble robot capable to delivering goods in a tighter environment.

  • KettyBot, in line with Pudu Technology’s commitment to minimalist design, embodies a sleek and compact aesthetic. Its C-shaped design leans forward, enabling it to effortlessly navigate through spaces with a clearance as narrow as 55cm. This quality makes KettyBot the perfect choice for bustling and intricate environments.
  • The centerpiece of KettyBot’s design is its strategically placed ad display, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with the customer’s line of sight. This innovative feature allows for the showcasing of customized promotional materials, delivering a visually captivating marketing approach.
  • Beyond its advertising capabilities, KettyBot takes customer engagement to the next level. It can autonomously traverse designated areas, offering complimentary snacks and beverages while simultaneously delivering informative broadcasts about available services and promotions.