Professional Services

Our un-paralleled professional service commitment is the reason why our robotics work better, faster, and more reliable for your business. We think outside the box and help you create a seamless "Co-Bot" environment. Afunture Solutions Inc works with you from start to finish, and beyond as we embody after-sales support to better serve your needs.

Professional Service is at the heart of successful implementation. Afunture Solutions focuses on service and after sales support to continuously help improve automation at your business.

Comprehensive Professional Implemenation

Use Case Consultation

At Afunture Solutions, we listen & care about our customers. We perform in-depth analysis about your business' daily operations and work with you to determine where and how robotics and automation should work. Our comprehensive proposal along with our customized use-cases allows business to fully utilize the benefits of our programmed equipment to start their journey.

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Deployment & Training

As a service oriented provider, Afunture Solutions performs comprehensive deployment & training to their business partners to allow for maximum effectiveness and usage of robotic equipment. With the determined best-practice, we train staff, management, and operators together to drive your change initiative more successfully.
Afunture Solutions offer demo, trial, and pilot programs and welcomes businesses from all walks of industries!

Comprehensive Professional Implemenation

After Sales Support & Continuous Improvements

Much forgotten aspect of a great business partner is our dedication to your continuous journey to operate successfully. Our after-sales support team ensures your automation equipment runs as smoothly as possible, providing maintenance and support proactively with scheduled visit-ins and/or cloud support on your hardware and software challenges.

Comprehensive Professional Implemenation

Professional Service & Consultation. Look forward to our experts in the field of automation to provide you information as to how Afunture Robots can help your business obtain high ROI. Robots is a trend, not a fad. Our professional consultation ad process explores the possibilities for a full service commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A merchandise delivery robot is a specialized service robot designed to autonomously transport goods or products from one location to another, typically within a commercial or retail setting such as a restaurant.

These robots use a combination of sensors, cameras, lidar, and navigation algorithms to map their environment and plan efficient routes. They can carry items in their compartments and deliver them to specified destinations.

These robots are often used in environments such as hotels, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, and retail stores to deliver items like food, medications, packages, and other goods

Yes, delivery robots are typically autonomous with minimal human intervention. A human made command to the robot and it can navigate their environment. However, they may have safety mechanisms and human supervision in place

Delivery robots are electrically powered via lithium rechargeable battery . Some may also have the capability to self-dock and recharge when needed

Typically speaking, robots take 4-5 hours to charge a full cycle from a depleted battery.

Depending on the environment’s square footage, a robot can continuously perform duties for up to 14 hours a day. We recommend a booster charge in between shifts and during down times to create the most seamless service level.¬†

Yes, safety is a top priority for these robots. They are designed with multiple sensors and collision avoidance systems to prevent accidents. They also have emergency stop mechanisms.

Yes, many service robot providers offer customization options to adapt the robot’s appearance and functionality to the specific needs and branding of businesses

The cost of implementing  delivery robots may sound expensive but can quickly achieve a high ROI. Implementation vary depending on the complexity of the robot, the customization required, and the scale of deployment. 

In some cases, robots are used alongside human workers to enhance efficiency and productivity, a concept known as “collaborative robotics” or “cobots.” Additionally, while automation can lead to job displacement in some areas, it can also create new job opportunities in fields such as robot maintenance, programming, and supervision

Most robots are equipped with remote monitoring systems and can send alerts when they encounter issues. In such cases, human operators can intervene or send assistance to the robot. Afunture Solutions is a service provider that helps Customers diagnose and we also provide tech-support on related matters with each of our powered units.