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Restaurant Equipment Expert working with Sysco, Gordon Foods, Vortex to bring your innovative equipment in automation. Realize gains and obtain high ROI with Robot Servers used as Co-Bots with your operations. Highly specialized easy to use deployment powered by Afunture Robotic Solutions.

The Everyday Service-Bot

At Afunture Solutions, Our goal is to offer a comprehensive line of robotics suitable for a variety of functions. Whether the robot is used for restaurant food delivery or merchandising promotion, we have a strategic deployment for your business.

The Game-Changer in Custodian Duties

Cleaning Robotics with smart AI and learning capabilities will dramatically enhance the way janitorial and custodial duties will be performed. Realign workflow to maximize productivity and accountability. Cleaning robots will make everyday facility maintenance a breeze.

Automating to Increase Efficiency in Service Level

Increase the Speed, Flow, and Execution of a faster better service with a Service Robotic Assistant

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Powered by Afunture Solutions

4 interchangeable tray sensors to automatically complete task, the Bellabot is arguably the most popular service robotic globally. Aesthetically pleasing format to carry large sums of goods, the Bellabot can be used to promote, delight, and retrieve goods in a multitude of environment.

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Bellabot autonomous robotics for service and automation process

PUDU RObotics: KettyBot

Powered by Afunture Solutions

The café runner and Robot as an Advertiser, the KettyBot by Afunture Solutions is a compact robotic assistant to help retail and hospitality promote, carry, and deliver merchanside. A vivid 18.5 Inch LCD screen can play videos and images in to vibrantly advertise business promotions.

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Powered by Afunture Solutions

The original PuduBot, redefined. The PuduBot2 is a clean-slate robotic with minimalistic design to carry larger merchandises. A true hauler with 3 trays, the PudutBot2 can be equipped as a deliverer, advertiser (screen attachement) to roam through any retail environment.

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Service Robot Pudu Bot 2 intelligent autonomous
Segway Robotics S1

SEGWAY Robotics: S1 Service Robot

Powered by Afunture Solutions

The Sweet Spot Robotic, the Acclaimed Segway Brand's robotic division launched the S1 with consideration of size and functionality in mind. Ideal for smaller spaces without compromising capacity, the S1 is an aesthetically pleasing robotic used in various hospitality environments.

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Automating to Increase Productivity and Around-The-Clock Sanitation

Increase the Speed, Flow, and Execution of a faster better service with a Robotic Cleaner

Experience the future now.

PUDU Robotics: CC1 4-in-1 Cleaning Robotic

Powered by Afunture Solutions

Autonomous Commercial cleaning in a compact shape. The CC1 is a robust robot capable of cleaning large area without the large chassis.

robot floor cleaner example Pudu CC1
Commercial Cleaning Robot SP50 Cenobot Powered by Afunture Solutions

CenoBots: SP 50

Professional Sweeper & Vaccummer
Powered by Afunture Solutions

The safest cleaning robot with a unique 32-beam 3D Lidar The L50 stands out for its unmatched safety capabilities due to its cutting-edge 3D lidar technology and state-of-the-art "big model" and transformer neural networks, similar to those used in ChatGPT.

CenoBots: L 50

Professional Scrubber
Powered by Afunture Solutions

The safest cleaning robot with a unique 32-beam 3D Lidar The L50 stands out for its unmatched safety capabilities due to its cutting-edge 3D lidar technology and state-of-the-art "big model" and transformer neural networks, similar to those used in ChatGPT.

commercial cleaning L50 Cenobots powered by Afunture Solutions

Proud Distributors & Partners of: 

Segway Ninebot Robotics, Cenobot Robotics, and Pudu Robotics, Kennon Robotics, AvidBot robots, Tenant Robotics. Dealer for Vancouver, Western Canada, Canada, And US market in Washington State. We take pride in serving all walks of the hospitality industry including restaurants, retail trades, hotel & accomodations, senior care housing facilities, clinics and hospitals, stadiums, and arenas, and much more. 

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

A merchandise delivery robot is a specialized service robot designed to autonomously transport goods or products from one location to another, typically within a commercial or retail setting such as a restaurant.

These robots use a combination of sensors, cameras, lidar, and navigation algorithms to map their environment and plan efficient routes. They can carry items in their compartments and deliver them to specified destinations.

These robots are often used in environments such as hotels, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, and retail stores to deliver items like food, medications, packages, and other goods

Yes, delivery robots are typically autonomous with minimal human intervention. A human made command to the robot and it can navigate their environment. However, they may have safety mechanisms and human supervision in place

Delivery robots are electrically powered via lithium rechargeable battery . Some may also have the capability to self-dock and recharge when needed

Typically speaking, robots take 4-5 hours to charge a full cycle from a depleted battery.

Depending on the environment’s square footage, a robot can continuously perform duties for up to 14 hours a day. We recommend a booster charge in between shifts and during down times to create the most seamless service level. 

Yes, safety is a top priority for these robots. They are designed with multiple sensors and collision avoidance systems to prevent accidents. They also have emergency stop mechanisms.

Yes, many service robot providers offer customization options to adapt the robot’s appearance and functionality to the specific needs and branding of businesses

The cost of implementing  delivery robots may sound expensive but can quickly achieve a high ROI. Implementation vary depending on the complexity of the robot, the customization required, and the scale of deployment. 

In some cases, robots are used alongside human workers to enhance efficiency and productivity, a concept known as “collaborative robotics” or “cobots.” Additionally, while automation can lead to job displacement in some areas, it can also create new job opportunities in fields such as robot maintenance, programming, and supervision

Most robots are equipped with remote monitoring systems and can send alerts when they encounter issues. In such cases, human operators can intervene or send assistance to the robot. Afunture Solutions is a service provider that helps Customers diagnose and we also provide tech-support on related matters with each of our powered units.

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